ENVtuber & Live2D Artist

We are BAIYUE & MAOWA, two super cute gals who stream art, rigging, and games!!
(we are one person using two models!!)
We take live2d commissions as Dollsuu, our mama!!

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Our resident gamer and everything enthusiast! She loves social media and will most likely be replying to you if you poke us!!
The creative kitty! Maowa draws, rigs, and designs! Please catch her in an art or rigging stream because she's quite elusive!!


Who am I talking to?
Baiyue & Maowa are run by one person!! They have very distinct personalities though (especially on twitter), so I do apologize for the confusion!
How can I refer to you?
You can call me Baiyue or Maowa, or you can refer to me by my personal aliases!
Why are you using two models?
I couldn't decide.
When is your debut?
Not sure! It may never happen LOL...This doesn't mean I am not actively streaming, though!!
Are your Live2D Commissions open?
Any openings will be announced on the twitter, so please follow for updates!! Feel free to inquire in the mean time, my DMs are open for anything related to Live2D!
Can I draw fanart of Baiyue/Maowa?
Absolutely, I would be delighted!!
Can I DM you?
My DMs are open for moots, collabs, business/commission inquiries, and general Vtubing/Live2D questions!
Anything else is a 50/50 toss up, haha. I am unlikely to respond to empty accounts or messages with no content like "hi" or "how are you", sorry!!I do not tolerate harassment of any kind! If you are making me feel uncomfortable in public or DMs, I will stop responding/possibly block you!